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Photography Portfolio

During the unusual year of Covid, 2020, I found inspiration through the work of many other artists and photographers who managed to harness their creativity in powerful ways. I began staging still lives, with a nod to an 'Old World' style. Sometimes I used my paintings as backdrops, other times not, and with each piece I created, I found myself renewed and calmed by the process. It became a seasonal series from which I've created Giclee Prints of the best images. It's a satisfying work in progress that I really hope you'll enjoy as much as I have in creating them! 

The basic details of each print is as follows:

Archival Matte paper (230 gsm, 9.5 mil) has been used to create each Giclee Print

Outer dimensions: 16 x 20 inches and the inner image size varies according to which painting or photograph is being printed. Each Giclee carries my 'stamp' on the lower right hand corner along with the image title.

Cost is $50. plus shipping per print. If you are purchasing 2+ prints, I will provide a 15% discount.

Hilltop View-1.jpg
Rustic Fall Persimmons.jpg
Three Apples-1.jpg
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