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Interior Design Ideas

A simple visual presentation used in various ways to enhance a room & a wall with artwork & photographs.

Ohia Lehua, bedroom

Dimensions 40 x 30 in.

Ohia Lehua, decor

Ohia Lehua, living room

Dimensions 40 x 30 in.

Ohia Lehua 1, living room

Kailua Sunset, wall

Dimensions 12x24 in. approx.

Kailua Sunset, wall

Fishing Boats of La Manz 2

Dimensions 16x20 in.

Fishing Boats of La Manzanilla

Poppy Pods, bedroom

Dimensions 30x40 in.

Poppy Pods, bedroom

Raw Earth, bathroom

The original image is an 18.5 in diameter circle. Archival Giclee prints can be printed to fit the space, up to 40 in diameter.

Raw Earth, bathroom
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