About me...


Color, texture, & the changing light have always left impressions on me. These elements, along with my love of nature and beautiful places, have informed where I've lived & have become the subject of many paintings.

I grew up in a family of artists, writers, musicians and folk who were also practical, wise, and culturally rich. They each inspired me and played a role in my becoming who I am today.

I've learned through trial & error and through time spent with other artists. Having no interest in the usual path laid out to young adults entering college, I instead focused on what moved me - art, dance, psychology and things of a spiritual nature and have used this quiver of skills as an artist and photographer.

I've traveled extensively and lived in Hawaii, Mexico and California. I'm currently based in Santa Barbara, California.


I work in photography, handmade pigments, acrylics, chalk pastel and mixed media. I'd love to connect with you -


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